Beyond research

I strongly value doing and sharing about other things outside of research and [formal] community engagement, so here's a bit about some other parts of me!

My best friend Sarah Gagnon made this beautiful piece for me as a reminder to take stock and stay grounded.

WNBGay podcast & nights

WNBGay pod

I love basketball and I love the WNBA, so I started this podcast to make this world more accessible. I also wanted to bring the league's queerness to the forefront and create something that specifically looks into queerness, transness, and sports. So many members of my community are interested in sports, but the landscape is generally incredibly unwelcoming. This podcast seeks to provide folks with the tools they may have been excluded from receiving growing up.

You can listen to the pod by clicking on the photo or title!

WNBGay nights

In the summer of 2022, we set up a series of viewing parties for queer and trans people to gather and watch the feats of the WNBA.

For queer and trans people who aren't cis, gay men, there are few places where we can gather in Montreal. Setting up these nights was a way for us to foster this type of space while sharing a passion for the game. We intend to continue this with even more viewings in 2023!

I also love woodworking, making bread, running and keeping my Duolingo streak pristine in Portuguese, Spanish and Russian