Key resources - English and French

Central concepts

  1. Français : Termes / définitions : Systèmes d’oppression et de privilège (Égale) 
  2. English/Français: 2SLGBTQI Glossary of Terms | Glossaire des termes (Égale) 
  3. English: An introduction to neurodiversity: Interview with Dr Kai Syng Tan on Neurodiversity and Creativity
  4. English, zine ($5): Neurodivergent Pride #2: A User Guide to Treating People Like People
  5. Français : Santé : Qu’est-ce que la neurodiversité ? (L’initiative : Journal économique, social et culturel) 
  6. English: Harm reduction (Drug Policy Alliance) 
  7. English: Principles of harm reduction (National Harm Reduction Coalition) 
  8. Français : Réduction des méfaits (Association des intervenants en dépendance du Québec:) 

Sexually and gender diversity youth health

For youth

  1. English: Self-advocacy tip sheet for 2SLGBTQIA+ community members (Investigaytors: QUEER Health: Questioning Use and Experience Engaging in and Receiving Healthcare in Alberta) 
  2. English: Queer doula toolkit, Resources for doulas and 2SLGBTQ+ birthing folks (NSPIRG Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group) 
  3. English: Suicide intervention (for weirdos, freaks, and queers) (By Carly Boyce)  
  4. Français: Aider ses ami·e·x·s qui ont parfois envie de mourir à ne peut-être pas mourir (Par Carly Boyce) 
  5. English: Indigenous youth life promotion toolkit (Thunderbird partnership foundation) 
  6. English & Français : Programme Jeunes Queer Youth/Jeunes Queer Youth Program (AIDS Community Care Montreal) 

For people looking to support youth

  1. English: 2SLGBTQIA+ affirming care tip sheet for health care providers (Investigaytors: QUEER Health: Questioning Use and Experience Engaging in and Receiving Healthcare in Alberta) 
  2. English: Queer health: knowledge in your pocket (Treat it queer Foundation) 
  3. Français : La santé queer : ce qu’il faut savoir, dans votre poche (La fondation Treat it queer) 
  4. Français : Sexe et pandémie: comprendre comment les hommes gais et bisexuels ont adapté leurs comportements sexuels durant la crise de la COVID-19 (Qollab) 
  5. English: Adults Supporting 2SLGBTQI Youth (Egale) 
  6. English: What to do when your child comes out to you (Egale) 
  7. English: LGBTQ Health Clinical Training Using The eQuality Toolkit (University of Louisville School of Medicine) 
  8. English: Pink therapy self-study courses for clinicians (Pink therapy)  
  9. English & français : Série de formations sur la santé sexuelle (en personne)/In-person sexual health workshop series (AIDS Community Care Montreal) 

Cannabis use and harm reduction among sexually and gender diverse youth

For youth who use cannabis

For people supporting youth who use cannabis

  1. English: Substance Use Among GBT2Q (Community-Based Research Centre) 
  2. Français : Consommation de substances chez les personnes GBT2Q (Centre de recherche communautaire) 
  3. Français : Formation cannabis et santé mentale (Projet cannabis & psychose) 
  4. English: Cannabis and mental health beginner course (Cannabis & Psychosis) 
  5. English & français : Cannabasics/cannabases (Public health association of Canada/Association canadienne de santé publique)